Testimonials for Bree Le Roux

B Thompson


“Vodafone was extremely lucky to have Bree come along and do a workshop on managing stress and pressure. Bree brought a positive energy and her presenting style was engaging from start to finish. She provided a safe space that encouraged those in the room to speak out about their own ways of managing mental health. Bree's passion and expertise were well received throughout the business and we look forward to the chance of doing work with her again in the future.”

S Ericksen

Red Bull

“Red Bull were fortunate enough to have Bree facilitate two workshops for us around Anxiety & Depression and Stress & Pressure Management during MHAW. These topics are a huge undercurrent in our society today, they can be confronting, and sensitive, and they are certainly not often openly addressed in the workplace.


For us it was crucial to have someone who was able to adapt to the mood of the room, present with vulnerability and ultimately hold a safe space for people to feel that they were able to open up in front of workmates. Bree speaks with heart and passion on topics that she cares deeply about, and this shows in her work.


She is engaging, charismatic and uplifting, and I can genuinely say that she had a profound and lasting effect on every individual in that room. The best thing was overhearing all the conversations between workmates in the kitchen that week; sharing their experiences and supporting each other. Thank you, Bree, you have truly found your calling and we can't wait to work with you again.”

C Carter

Company Director,


“Having known Bree for around 15 years she has been an integral part of my changing life in offering advice, tools and solutions to both relationship and business decisions.


Her knowledge, expertise and life experiences give her a cutting edge in working with you to provide optimal outcomes to life’s challenges. 100% recommend.”

F Blackall


“Bree has been an incredible mentor and life coach over the past 5 years of my life. Her approach is warm, loving, encouraging and unique. Her insight and knowledge have assisted me through many of life’s little challenges including relationships, anxiety, self-confidence and worth and my career.


I would highly recommend Bree to anyone who is looking for someone to talk too - she has an amazing ability to meet you where you are and holds space for you as you work through what it is that you need too. Thank you, Bree, - I am so grateful.

C Wilson


“Thanks so much for your wonderful advice and assistance Bree - You are a wonderful coach.

E Fu


“Bree has changed my life for the better! She has helped me navigate anxiety in such a constructive way that I see it in a completely different light, and I'm now in such a wonderful headspace. Thank you so much, you are wonderful!

P Spence

JCDecaux New Zealand

“Bree mentored me in my first two years of my career. We focused on learning presentation skills, how to use my body language & structure content that I am presenting in a professional & concise manner. She also helped me with my personal confidence in an industry that can be very intimidating for newbies!


The skills & lessons learnt from being mentored by Bree are incredibly valuable & I continue to use them today. They helped me grow in my role & obtain more responsibility within my team. In addition to the above, Bree has educated me about anxiety & different levels of fear. As someone who struggles with anxiety, learning more about it has helped me overcome & manage anxiety in situations where it can be overwhelming.


Bree is skilled in all areas of professional & personal mentoring. Her experience from corporate roles coupled with her background in counselling, & also, just her genuine desire to help people makes her a great mentor/coach. I highly recommend attending a workshop even if it's just to find out more about something. You are sure to come away feeling enlightened, empowered & having learnt something new and valuable.

M Marshall


“I attended Bree's workshop on Self Love and Worth in Matakana. Bree is warm, genuine, inspiring and radiant (I'll have what she's having!!) She created a beautiful calm and safe space for us to explore this topic.


The workshop was more than I expected, and I left feeling excited, elated and brimming with LOVE! I will definitely attend another one of Bree's workshops.”

K Watson


“I started seeing Bree 5 weeks ago during the CV-19 lockdown. From the first session, I was taken aback by how skilled and knowledgable Bree is at listening, reviewing and providing insight and practical advise.


I will continue to work with Bree regularly because the progress I have made in this 5 weeks is exciting.

R Maree


Bree recently trialed a mini Couple Coaches Course and received the following testimonial from one of the couple who wish to remain anonymous; 

"I am really thankful that we decided to work with Bree as a couple. It is really easy to trust her and she understands to ask the right questions to get you thinking and reflecting. Thanks to her I learned to understand myself and why I act in certain ways. During or after the sessions with her I had quite a few eye-opening moments. The coaching also helped me to understand my relationship better and my partner. Bree gives you the opportunity and space for beautiful conversations that lead to a deeper understanding for your partner, yourself and you two as a couple. She also provided us with some tools that we could use for situations when we get stuck in our communication and to break some unhealthy habits. We enjoyed coaching as a tool to strengthen our relationship and to gain a deeper understanding for each other. After each session I felt really positive and excited for the future. I can recommend seeing Bree if you are curious to learn more about yourself and if you actively want to strengthen your relationship. Thanks for everything, Bree and I am sure we will work with each other again!

S Cawley


“I can't recommend Bree and her coaching highly enough. Together we have looked some very difficult topics right in the face, even though sometimes I haven't wanted to. I leave each and every session with feelings of freedom, relief, release, confidence, awareness and knowing. Bree is guiding me through an extremely transformative time in my life and I am so very thankful to her for her support and wisdom.


Bree has an incredible way of asking the right questions to get to the right answers. I wish everyone had a Bree in their life.