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Haere mai, welcome to Bree Le Roux Life Coaching

Our belief is that each person has their own unique wisdom. Our role as Bree Le Roux life coaches is to cease the chatter of everyday life, quieten the noise of other people's expectations, put aside societal norms for a moment, and turn down the noise of the analytic brain, so we can dive deep into our client's wisdom which lies within.

Whether through 1:1 coaching, business coaching, workshops, or speaking events, our coaches will help to facilitate positive change in your and other people's lives.

We hope to meet you soon.

Our Coaches


Bree Le Roux

Bree Le Roux is an international life, relationship, and business coach. She is relatable, dynamic, & refreshing in her work. Bree provides a safe space for clients to become more curious about their life and current ways of being. She is supportive as well as challenging and her process creates significant positive change for individuals, couples, and businesses. Bree uses a distinctive blend of coaching, psychotherapy, and mindfulness in her practice which enables her to unlock deep transformations for her clients. 

Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor of Counselling

  • ICF certified Transformative Coach 

  • Stress Reduction Program by Mindfulness Auckland

  • Introduction to Mindfulness

  • 10 day Vipassana Course

  • 12 years in the Advertising industry, across buying, PR & sales.

  • 10 years of personal psychotherapy 


Brieana Thompson

Bree T is an intuitive coach who is passionate about guiding people back to their soul's essence and championing their unique magic. Her areas of expertise include connecting to and operating from the heart space, unlocking inner confidence and deep self-love, cultivating positive, meaningful relationships, healing anxiety, and self-empowerment. Bree brings deep awareness, intuition, spiritual wisdom,  and 10+ years of self-development to her work.

Qualifications and Certificates

  • Bachelor of Business majoring in HR & Employment Relations

  • Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology

  • Certified Wellness Practitioner 

  • Domestic Violence First Responder

  • Yale University’s Science of Wellbeing Course 

  • Certified Bree Le Roux Method Coach

The Human Experience

The Human Experience is a platform where we acknowledge the full experience of being human. We sit and welcome the messy, the beautiful, the painful, and the inspirational.


Bree Le Roux talks openly with various guests on intimate topics and we share these discussions on her YouTube channel to create more normality and acceptance within the experience of being human.


How did this channel come about? Well, we love to see people in the full expression of their humanness, whether it’s when they are happy, sad, vulnerable or ignited. Nothing fulfills us more than witnessing a person being true to themselves and their experience or emotions. Add to the fact that when Bree was a little girl, she used to present her own talk shows (to imaginary people while she was jumping on the trampoline), and herein lies the creation of The Human Experience. 


C Hazelip

California, USA

"In working with Bree, I have discovered the immense freedom and power that comes from showing up vulnerably for myself and for others. When I'm radically authentic to myself, I can let go of the external expectations that, in the past, have dictated my self-worth. I can honestly say that my entire world has shifted since I started working with Bree. Her heart, wisdom, creativity, vulnerability, and infectious joy make every session feel like a hug for my soul, no matter how confronting our discussions can be. Bree has helped guide me back home to me."